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Will your log home be a “second home”?

More and more people these days build a log home to use as their primary residence. However, having that weekend retreat or lake cabin is still a popular use of discretionary funds… and it can be a very profitable investment.

Regardless of your motivation, with any investment you can make a killing or get your […]

How’s that Log Home Research Going?

Hey, we’ve all done it. Maybe it was that classic ’67 Camaro or that antique Queen Ann Highboy, or just that riding lawn mower you wanted to buy, but you researched it to the point that you knew more than most experts.

If you talk to many log home manufacturers, they’ll tell […]

Buying or Building a Log Home?

I talked about this book last year, and it deserves another mention. Written by Clyde and Jeff Cremer of American Log Homes in Colorado, they offer excellent advice on every aspect of the process, from idea stage to completed project, and explain how to choose the right style of home to fit your budget and […]

What’s more American than log homes?

The unique style and splendor of modern log homes is one of the reasons this niche has risen to become one of the fastest growing segments of the home building industry. […]

New Log Home Book *****

The Complete Guide to Log Homes: How to Buy, Build, and Maintain Your Dream Home. A long book title, and long on great information for anyone considering building or buying a log home. […]