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Is your log home ready for winter?

Fall is in the air…

Preparing for winter is something that every homeowner does in one way or another. Even if you live in a home clad in vinyl siding, there are always things that need done to keep Mother Nature where she belongs…outside. Log homes require a tad more TLC and preparation than other […]

Log Home spam

Imagine the new people they could attract to their parties… Internet users who have no political leanings might support any candidate that declared a “war on spam”. Like the “Do Not Call List”, they would most certainly exempt themselves as spammers, and we could go about our business only receiving spam from Presidential wannabes and every charity on the planet. […]

Anyone Want a Free Log Home?

This is NOT your average run-of-the-mill log home (is there such a thing?). From the outdoor pizza oven to the ‘man cave’ and media room, stone fire pit… this is one tricked-out log home and did I mention it sits beside a beautiful lake? […]

Log Home Maintenance – Restaining

I joke with my wife that we live the life of squirrels – it seems that almost everything we do is in preparation for the upcoming winter. No, we’re not stockpiling nuts, but chores such as replenishing the firewood supply, driveway repair, log maintenance, caulking, etc. are fair weather projects. As our forward-thinking squirrel friends have shown us, now is the time for action. […]

Log Blogging

If blogs are any indication, a lot of people in the log home and log furniture industries are not what one might call “early adopters” of technology. If you Google “log home blogs”, the results are fairly sparse. With that in mind, I thought I’d take a shot at linking other log-related blogs to this […]

Why a Log Blog?

Why a blog about logs? Blogging seems to be the new hot thing to do online and I’ve resisted the urge thus far, but it seems that I can no longer avoid it… so I’m here.

Okay, you say… but why a blog about logs? Because LogsRus, or rather I’m all about logs – log […]