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Deer in Rut

Wildlife Week!

A couple of my most recent posts had to do with my semi-annual “battle of the bears” and protecting my valuable trash from their foraging raids. Well, this morning we had another special treat from the local wildlife as we watched two very young bucks have at it outside our window.


Log home living in rural America…

Dealing with nature and guarding the trash

I have no scientific data to back this up, but I imagine that most people’s mind picture of living in a log home is that of a beautiful home or cabin tucked away in a forest surrounded by nature. That was always my ideal and that is where […]

The bears are back…

There are two ways we discover bears around our log home. One, is a fairly rare experience, we happen to see one (or more) foraging or just meandering about the property. The second way is visible evidence in the form of overturned trash bins and garbage strewn over two acres. We discovered the […]

Black Bear Visits Our Log Home Today

When you live in the country you share that space with other creatures and sometimes they can get downright inquisitive. Our log home is relatively private and wildlife is everywhere, but we’ve had our share of uninvited visitors, from mountain lions to bears, coyotes and even wild turkeys. Just a few hours ago a black […]

Do Bears Frequent Your Log Home?

We have a problem with black bears where we live, I’ve mentioned it a few times on this blog. Like many bears living near populated areas, they are attracted by the smell of our trash. Our log home sits one-third of a mile off the road so we are relatively secluded. […]