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Antler lighting anyone?

Meet “Lucky”

This beautiful buck adorns a wall in our family room. When did I shoot him, you ask? Actually, I didn’t – I bagged Lucky on eBay. Lucky and I have a lot in common, which I didn’t learn until after he arrived and I read the licensing information (that is required when shipping […]

Antler chandelier question…


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I love antlers

Spying a majestic elk strutting through the forrest is a sight to behold. If you have never had that experience, I recommend you spend your next vacation in the mountains where elk are known to graze. The nice thing about antlers is that when our furry friends are done with them, they leave them behind […]

Originality wins every time

One of the best parts of managing our rustic directories is visiting all the unique websites and seeing such an array of distinctive furniture and décor items. […]