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 Most log home (or cabin) manufacturers and dealers will ship (and construct) a home almost anywhere in the world. However, when contemplating such a purchase, many of us prefer to visit model homes to touch and feel and ask questions. For this reason, we have grouped our resources by Province. In addition, you can search by keywords or phrases. If you know of a website we’ve missed, please let us know or add your site here.

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Do your floors talk back?

You don’t have to live in a log home (or in Canada) to have squeaky floors. Humidity, changing weather conditions, house settling, leaking plumbing and other factors can play a part in creating a floor that talks back to you.

If you have access under the floor, this can oftentimes be fixed by adding bridging members or adding additional screws angled from the joists to the subfloor, which can snug the floor and eliminate the movement (squeaks).

One quick, but temporary fix is common “talcum powder”. Sprinkling the powder on the floor and letting it settle between the boards acts as a dry lubricant. If you have large gaps between your boards try using sawdust, which can function similar to the powder recommendation. Remember not to vacuum for a while so that the talcum or sawdust can settle down between the boards. However, if the squeaking persists, you’d might consider calling a Pro to determine the cause of the noise.

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