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Can you remember life before Internet?

Over the weekend I began the task of reorganizing my hard drive and the 475,000 digital files I had collected over the years.  Like most of you, I probably have a gazillion old images, documents and videos that don’t really need to be stored indefinitely.   As I was purging these ancient files, I had to preview most of the videos just to make sure I wasn’t deleting a cherished family event or something that might be useful in the future.

Anyway, as I’m picking my way through these old video clips, I came across one that I hadn’t watched in over a decade.  Back in 1994, I was invited to sit on a panel for a TV show in Dallas, TX that was discussing the future of technology.  I would not dream of asking you to watch the entire show, but I edited-out two short clips that by today’s standards – are a hoot.

The host of the show asked the questions, “What is an Internet“? and the real biggie was… “Will everybody be somehow hooked into this Internet“?  By today’s standards these are amusing questions, but they illustrate how much our world has changed in such a short time.

Today, most log home businesses wouldn’t dream of NOT having a website.  Even a dated, low-tech brochureware site is better than having nothing at all.  We know that people do their product research online and that a website is the least expensive marketing tool available to small business.

It is easy to get overwhelmed with all the new technology such as ‘social networking’ sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others when many of us are still trying to decide if a blog would be a useful addition.  I guess my point is that the Internet has changed our world and taking advantage of it to grow our business and reach new prospects is just good common sense.  Can you possibly imagine what we’ll be blogging about in 2020?

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3 comments to Can you remember life before Internet?

  • Christine

    Hey Tom, I didn’t know that you were a celebrity TV star 🙂 You’ve been hiding things from your readers. Anything else we should know about you? Seriously, that was funny seeing someone ask what the Internet was and if it would ever catch on… things have certainly changed.

  • seo

    life before internet:
    1. very high cost to seek for the export customer
    2. very expensive to take the long distance call to friends
    3. lend friend’s fax to send the urgent message
    4. hard to find the cheaper price products
    5. too rely on rumors to determine the fact

  • Tom, great blog post. I’m a techie myself, but I often forget just how quickly the Internet has changed our lives. Historically speaking, I don’t know that any other advancement we’ve made has changed the world in such a short time. I know when I started with Honest Abe, our website was, well…hardly appealing compared to today’s standards. Now, we’re on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and I’ve just started our own blog: . In 2020, if we looked back at a video of today where we are predicting what it would be like…I would say it would be much like the gentleman in your video. 🙂
    Best Wishes, Happy Blogging

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