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Does anyone have a 12′ drill bit handy?

We need a “Pro” to answer a question from a reader. Dave from England sent the following question and rather than answer him with my limited construction experience, I thought I’d post it for a knowledgeable builder to answer. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated by all. Thanks in advance, Dave wrote….

I am an electrician currently working on a project in England. Wiring log cabins that do not contain any stud partitions anywhere in the building. All interior and exterior walls are log. We are currently planning the installation of cables for lighting and power throughout the cabin. On a previous project only the shell was built from log and all interior walls were stud walls, so we were able to drop our cables in to these easily. As we do not have that luxury this time, I was writing to enquire if you had any advice on installing our cables. One of our bigger problems is in the wiring of the 2 story cabins. Where we need to get cables in for 2 way switching such as, at the bottom and top of the stairs. I would be very grateful if you could reply with any information you have or any methods that you and your company use.

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  • logsrul

    srkgenerally, a 1″ auger bit , either 18″ or longer with extensions, or a 2″ forstner bit with extensions , can be used in routing the chases for outlets and wiring runs . there are also several ways to set boxes , including routering boxes out on smaller logs , to inseting wood plates on larger applications.

  • If the home is erected with no wiring chases being drilled as the logs were installed, you got screwed by the builder. As much as I hate to say it, in some cases you may end up running wire moulding. Flex bits will come in handy for the outlets if there is limited space but, are difficult and timely to use. If there are HVAC and/or plumbing chases in the immideate vicinity then try to utilize them… Good luck, you have a difficult project ahead of you.

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