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One of the things I enjoy most about editing this blog and our websites is the never ending opportunity to learn something new. I do not consider myself an expert (by anyone’s definition), just a very curious student of this marvelous industry of ours. It is an ironic twist that something that sounds so simple – a log building – can actually be quite complicated. I’m not talking about coped corners, thermal mass, or any of the other terms you’ve heard when discussing log home construction. I’m just talking about logs.
We all know that logs are harvested from forests all over the United States and Canada, but we don’t often get to peek behind the doors of the mills that process the logs. This week I was contacted by a gentleman from Montana Dry Log who wanted to advertise his business in the Log Cabin Directory. After a couple of email exchanges, conversations and visits to their websites, I have a new understanding about the ‘early stages’ of log home construction.
Montana Dry Log is one of those companies that supply the logs to many of the log home companies and builders across America. They do not pre-cut log home kits or packages, but they offer log footage and will even notch corners for builders and ‘Do-It-Your-Selfers’.

Montana Dry Log offers both handcraft material and milled material for the log home industry. They market primarily to builders needing high quality log products to build custom or kit homes. I learned that they sort about 300-400 loads per year. Their log sort, sorts 10’+ top material up to 14″ as a standard in tree length 30-50’+. These sorts have specific standards for taper, bow, crook, spiral, etc. You can see those sort specs at their website
On the milled side of the market, they prepare products for the final pattern run. They cut all materials dry, sticker them horizontally and vertically so the air flow reaches all sides of the cant so that product dries more evenly, producing more consistent and high end milled products. They also produce match siding, and provide some notching on certain patterns. You can view their milled products at
For most of us, this is interesting information about what goes into a log home even before our log home company or builder begins their work. If you are a builder or a log home manufacturer, it will be worth a visit to Montana Dry Log’s websites.

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