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Calling all “greenies”

Go log – go green!

These days we pay a lot of lip service to eco-friendly ideas and the greenies push for public awareness and legislation about saving the planet. I have a secret for you, if the word ever gets out about how “green” log and rustic furniture is, it will create a demand that will send rustic furniture prices skyrocketing! Huh?

To manufacture conventional (or traditional furniture), entire forests of oak, maple, walnut or cherry trees are harvested. In other countries, mahogany and other exotic woods are cut down for export to mills around the globe. In many cases these are not managed forest operations with long-term plans for reforestation.

On the other hand, log and rustic furniture makers are possibly the greenest people in modern business. If you visit a few log furniture websites, you’ll note than most companies boast that their timber is harvested from standing dead trees. Rustic (twig and stick) furniture makers rely mostly on the willow plant for their raw material. They don’t harvest “dead” willow because they don’t need to. You see, willow is one step above a weed and darn near impossible to kill. When you cut from the stump, more shoots begin growing almost immediately. Talk about an ecologically friendly and renewable resource.

When this catches on, I can visualize tags hanging from rustic furniture saying… “No trees, plants or animals were harmed in the making of this item“.

In short, the most eco-friendly furniture is log and rustic and when the PC crowd discovers this we’ll start seeing twig benches in corporate foyers and log tables in fine restaurants.

3 comments to Calling all “greenies”

  • Anonymous

    Now that was interesting. I own a log bed and some other log furniture, but I never thought of them as “green”. What you said make a whole lot of sense and I appreciate the perspective. I guess I’m a true greenie 🙂

  • Trisha

    Good points. I make twig furniture for friends and family and they’ll be tickled to know they’re helping the environment 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I visited your website and got lost in all the information you have. While browsing I saw a special for a free catalog and a rebate, but I can’t locate it again (I had to close my browser and lost my history). Can you point me to tha catalog page please. Thanks again, I love your site.


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