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Buying log home insuranceI probably don’t know any more than the next guy about buying insurance. I tend to lean on my agent to recommend what I need simply because I don’t have the time to learn everything there is to know about such an important subject. I would guess that I am typical of the average log home insurance shopper.

Unfortunately, the inability to find affordable insurance has kept some people from realizing their dream of log home ownership. Financing and insurance post the toughest challenges and some areas of the country are worse than others. Where I live in Montana log homes are as common as BMWs in Dallas and I have never talked to anyone local who has had a problem insuring their log home. However, I have learned that is not the case in other areas of the country.

As it happened, I met a lady on Facebook who is an independent agent representing a number of companies. We talked about the perils and pitfalls of insuring a log home and I suggested that she answer a few of the common questions related to log home insurance. She was gracious enough to cooperate an I have just published our log home insurance Q&A here.

Brenda K Hanson works with Best Rates Insurance Inc. and has written hundreds of policies for log home owners. She also represents some companies that can write insurance outside of Montana. She is highly regarded locally as a professional and someone who knows the insurance business. Read our Log home Insurance Q& A and if you have any questions or comments, please add them below, or feel free to contact Brenda directly. Her contact information is below the Q&A article.

4 comments to Buying Log Home Insurance

  • Jeff

    I am trying to find out what insurance companies will insure a hand-hewn log home in WA. The company covering it has given notice that the policy will be non-renewed in November. Can you provide the names of insurance companies that insure this type of risk?

  • Good Morning Jeff

    American Reliable has excellent rates for Hand Hewn Log home’s

    Also American Modern. Feel free to contact me I can possibly help you find an agent there .

    thank you
    Brenda K Hanson
    Best Rates Insurance INC

  • Karen Bryson

    I am trying to find Insurance companies that will insure our new log home on North Georgia.

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

    Karen Bryson

  • Kathy Harrington


    I am also trying to find insurance for a log home in Northwest Georgia. Have you had any luck? And, if so, was it costly?


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