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Building your log home while saving your marriage and your sanity

They say that building a new home can be one of the most stressful challenges a couple will ever face.  The tremendous amount of decisions required seems to never end and can make even the closest couples question the reasons why they got married.  It can be argued that building a log home involves even more decisions but if you take the time to plan properly it really can be a fun and rewarding experience.

The best advice that you will hear from most log home manufacturers and builders is too perform your due diligence and research every aspect of your project.  Everything begins with the land on which you plan to build.  That secluded mountain property you fell in love with may appear to be heaven on earth until you discover that the access road will not permit the large trucks required to deliver your logs. Obviously there are other considerations such as reasonable access to utilities, passing a perk test and a suitable building site.

Once you have settled on the right property the next logical step is to choose the home design and floor plan.  This is one of those areas that trip up a lot of people.  A quick Google search for “log home floor plans” will yield almost 400,000 results and after you have browsed your first 20 or 30 websites the floor plans and their differences begin to blur.

Log Home Floor Plan Showcase

Helping people with this problem was the inspiration behind launching our “Log Home Floor Plan Showcase”.  We have collected the top 10 floor plans from each of the country’s leading log home manufacturers and display them in one convenient location. This means that you can bookmark one page and have access to over 100 of the most popular floor plans in America.

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  • Rita

    Isn’t that the truth, you don’t know what to expect when you build a home. It seemed like we were being asked to make a call on every log that got put in place. Yeah, that is an exageration, but you think everything is done when you pick your builder and the log home company, but then they have questions about everything. That is probably the way it should be so that everything turs out the way you want it, but we weren’t prepared for all the questions. But we’re happy now and our home turned out beautifully.

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