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Veritas tenon cutters

I happen to own a number of these cutters and have been pleased with their quality, ease of use and the finished product they produce. They cut perfect tenons with rounded shoulders, are vibration free and powered by either a hand or electric drill. Cutters are offered in eight different cutting diameters ranging from 5/8″ to 2″.

  • 5/8″ to 1″ cut 2-3/4″ long tenons
  • 1-1/4″ to 2″ will cut 4-1/4″ long tenons

The anodized cutter body has a built-in honing guide that makes sharpening easy. The blade is adjustable and will cut the exact size of tenon in dry or green wood. For the large cutter, you may require a drill with substantial torque. As a satisfied customer, I highly recommend these cutters.  Learn more about Veritas tenon makers…

Lumberjack Tenon Cutter

Lumberjack Tools Industrial-Cutters are designed for serious hobbyists or professional log furniture builders. These are also high quality tenon cutters made to be used on a high-torque 1/2″ (or larger) electric drill or drill press. This cutter will cut a tapered shoulder 60 degree on logs and replacement blades and sharpening jigs are sold separately.  More…

Logman Tenon MakerLogman Tenon Cutter

LogMan Tenon Maker takes a different approach to tenon cutting in that it uses a router (which is not included in the kit) with a carbide cutter for wood removal. Wood rests inside a guide that centers the tenon keeping the tenon to a uniform diameter, and a base for clamping the tenon maker to a workbench providing a secure, vibration free unit. There are 4 wood guides available for this unit and they are easily changed for making different sized tenons. More…

Rockler Log Tenon MakerRockler Log Tenon Maker

Rockler Log Tenon MakerBuilding beautiful rustic furniture is easier than ever with our mortising system! Cut log tenons in half the time of ”pencil sharpener” style cutters. Build your own log furniture, log handrailing, log fences and more. For your first project, check out our FREE Step Stool Plan. See our Rockler Log Tenon Maker Video Workshop.

Rubber Faced Vise Jaw PadsVise Jaw Pads

Protect delicate parts or keep from marring wood with these rubber jaw pads. Also works great for holding irregular shapes. Strong nitrile magnets attach to any steel vise jaw. Check best price here!

DeWalt® 1/2” Spade Handle Drill

DeWalt® 1/2'' Spade Handle DrillIdeal for use with our dual blade tenon cutters to build rustic furniture. Features variable speed (0-550 RPM) reversing switch for excellent drilling control. 9.0 amp, 120 volt motor provides enough power for any shop application. DeWalt® 1/2” Spade Handle Drill

Tenon/Plug Cutter
Tenon/Plug Cutter cuts round, smooth tenons, plugs and dowels up to 3″ long.


Veritas Tenon Cutters