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Drawknife for peeling bark from logs

mortise and tenon exampleMortising machines come in different sizes and configurations, but basically they are used to drill either round or square holes often using a hand drill or a drill press or a stand-alone mortising machine. A mortising bit such as pictured below drills a flat bottom hole to accommodate a tenon.

A mortising machine is used to drill squared-off holes to accept a rectangular tenon. Machines consist of a (hollow squared) chisel with a rotating drill inside the hollow to clear the bulk of the stock while the chisel squares the corners. Mortising machines range from free-standing dedicated tools or self-powered and drill press attachments.

Mortising Machines

Mortising MachineWoodhaven Mortising Table is an easy way to do mortise & tenon projects. You can set the mortise length and wood clamps in the jig and feeds forward in a straight line, into the bit until it bottoms out against the router plate. You can move the jig left & right against stops to cut the mortise length desired. Toggle clamps hold stock up to 1-3/4″ thick. More…

Delta Professional 1/2 Hp. Square holes? No problem. Delta’s industrial mortising machine offers precision with a 1/2-horsepower motor behind it. A rack-and-pinion system raises and lowers the head, and the mortising head column swings 180 degrees for off-table work. Clearly a step up from Delta’s MM300 Shopmaster mortising machine, this one’s made with the professional user in mind and includes an adjustable dovetail way on the mortising head, a tool and chisel tray, a gas-filled head stabilizer and multiposition feed lever. There’s also a generous 16-3/4-by-13-1/2-inch cast-iron base and 2-15/16-inch tall two-piece fence totaling 13-5/8 inches in length. Bit and chisel changing is easy with the chuck key/hex wrench. Of course, we always want to use new tools right out of the box, and Delta’s made sure you can get started right away with 1/4-, 5/16-, 3/8-, and 1/2-inch chisel and bit sets.

Forstner Bits

Forstner Bits are available at most hardware stores or home fix-up box stores. They are usually sold in sets and are excellent for drilling precision flat-bottom holes without tearing the wood fibers.

The Freud 16-Piece Forstner bit set contains the entire line of high-speed steel Forstner bits ranging from a 1/4-inch diameter bit to a 2-1/8-inch diameter bit in 1/8-inch increments. These bits are ideal for drilling flat bottom holes, pocket holes, and overlapping holes; and they come packaged in a sturdy wooden case for protection and convenient storage. These bits will drill plywood, hard wood, and soft wood in hand-held drills and drill presses.

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Delta Professional Mortising Tool