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There are probably as many glue choices as there are people in Toledo. Some glues such as white and yellow wood glue work great when joining wood, but do poorly bonding metals or glass; all glues have limitations. To be accurate, there are times when a special glue is needed for a project. As an example, yellow & white glue fail miserably when gluing nonporous surfaces together and they are not weatherproof. A recent arrival to the market is a product called Gorilla Glue.

Gorilla Glue Review

As with ALL tools, there is a right way and a wrong way to use them. This is an impressive adhesive that is great for most furniture applications. If you have never used it, I urge you to experiment with it before you apply it to your masterpiece. Watch this short video clip to see what can happen if applied improperly.

Besides extraordinary strength, Gorilla glue is also waterproof, so it works well with outdoor furniture and some green wood applications. One of its strongest points is that it expands, similar to canned insulation foam you’ve probably seen (but not to the same degree). This expansion causes it to work its way into the deep recesses of your joinery and form a tight bond. The downside is that using too much will cause it to ooze from the joint – a real mess. I really like using Gorilla Glue for my furniture projects, but I do not use it to join boards such as a table top as the glue can produce a glue-line. More…

Gorilla Glue is environmentally friendly, incredibly strong, 100 waterproof, will not freeze, requires no mixing, does not become brittle with age and will not expand or contract in the glue joint. You can even glue up oily exotics without the kind of surface preparation required by other glues.

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