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Many log home designs call for log siding to be used in place of full diameter logs. Installed properly, log siding looks identical to real log construction. Additionally, a “stick-built” house can look like an authentic log home by using log siding instead of full logs. This has become quite popular because it offers the the look of logs, with the ease of construction and advantages of a framed home. Log siding is commonly referred to as “half log construction”.

Vinyl and Steel Log SidingAlso see log siding alternatives such as…

Log Siding Resources

Dura-Log™ log siding by Michigan PreStain. Cut from the finest hand selected pine and factory finished, Dura-Log™ log siding offers the rustic charm and beauty of full log construction. Dura-Log™, with our unique three coat factory finish is ideal for interior and exterior applications.
Phone:  800-641-9663
Fax:      616-241-6661
Address: 1701 Clyde Park, S.W.
City:     Wyoming
State:   MI
Zip:      49509
Dynamic Log Applications Our Half-Logs are manufactured using a new technology which allows multiple layers of wood veneer to be affixed to a polystyrene core.  This manufacturing technique provides consistent, durable, beautiful logs every time.
Phone:  651-464-6970
Fax:     651-653-5070
Address: PO Box 654
City:    Forest Lake
State:  MN
Zip:     55025-0654
Hilltop Log & Timber Homes offers products such as cedar shakes, clapboards, and an assortment of log siding profiles.
Phone:  800-622-4608
Address: 88 Pond Rd.
City:     Bowdoinham
ST:       ME
Knotty Pine and Cedar Company Inc., Our log siding has end matching pieces that interlock like a puzzle for a more attractive look and zero waste. We’re here to talk to you about your log siding or other wood paneling, railing or log home needs.  Zero Waste – Kiln dried material – eliminates shrinkage End matching – Each piece of siding and paneling has tongue & groove.
Phone:  989.366.8811
Address: 2337 W. Houghton Lake Drive
City:     Houghton Lake
ST:       MI
Zip:      48629
Logside North American Log Homes and Log Siding. Real log timbers
specially cut into log siding; LOGSIDE may be used inside and outside of your home for the look and feel of an authentic full log home.
Phone:   716-537-2320
Address: 289 North Main Street – Rt. 16
City:      Holland
State:    NY
Zip:       14080
Modulog Industries Cedar Log Siding with its patented criss-crossing corner system looks just like whole logs.  It\’s real wood, and is applied like ordinary wood lap siding. Patented \’Solid Log Corner\’ and has the unique advantage of being able to convert an ordinary frame house into the Log Home of your dreams.
Phone:  800-537-8606
Fax:     503-254-3786
First:    Ron
Last:    Berge
Address: 11217 NE Marx Pl.
City:    Portland
State:  OR
Zip:     97220
Mountaineer Log & Siding Company offers four log profiles including our Weather-Lok, which makes our homes appreciably better than most competitive models.
Phone:   301-387-9200
Fax:      301-387-8155
Address: 23813 Garrett Highway
City:     McHenry
ST:       MD
Zip:      21541
Natural Log Siding The Rocky Mountain’s Premier Log Siding Distributor.  We distribute and retail all of our log siding, knotty pine paneling, kitchen cabinets, flooring, doors, and log railing.
Phone:  406-288-3202
ST:       MT
North American Log Homes and Log Siding Real log timbers specially cut into log siding; LOGSIDE may be used inside and outside of your home for the look and feel of an authentic full log home. Our total in-house production system from designing to blueprints, then milling to pre-cutting; finally to construction and beyond will ensure a precise, perfect log home designed to meet your every need.
Phone:   716-537-2320
Address: 289 North Main Street – Rt. 16
City:     Holland
ST:       NY
Zip:      14080
The Woodworkers ShoppeThe leaders in quality tongue-n-groove log siding and knotty pine paneling with end-match design for an easy, no-waste installation. Custom interior knotty pine doors, log mantels and log home kitchens. Our unique end-match log siding design gives us a distinct advantage over our competitors. Log siding and knotty pine paneling is our specialty.
Phone:     800-818-9971
Fax:        989-848-5535
Address:  3308 N. Abbe Rd
City:        Comins
ST:          MI
Zip:         48619


Vinyl Log Siding

Timbermill® Simulated Cedar Log siding from Style Crest® offers everything you love about natural cedar… Perfect when used as a primary siding, or as an accent to stone, brick or other cladding. Timbermill® is available in four profiles, to replicate four popular cedar siding patterns and two stunning, no-fade colors.
Phone:   888-930-5794
Address: 2450 Enterprise Street
City:     Fremont
ST:       OH
Zip:      43420
Type:   Vinyl Log Siding


Steel Log Siding

ABC Seamless Maintenance on a wood log home can be expensive and time consuming.  Why spend your free time staining, caulking, fixing leaks and replacing rotten logs when you will have to do it all over again in a couple of years.   With ABC Seamless Steel Log Home Siding, maintenance is a thing of the past.  It can be installed directly over your existing exterior, giving you a maintenance free log home.
Phone: 800-732-6577
Fax:    701-293-3107
Address: 3001 Fiechtner Drive
City:     Fargo
State:   ND
Zip:      58103