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Log home kitchens – what’s cooking?

Kitchens like automobiles serve a single purpose, but everyone has a different idea of how their kitchen should look and how fancy or plain it should be.  At the top end we have luxury gourmet kitchens (The Rolls Royce) with ‘Sub Zero’ appliances, granite counters, custom cabinetry and every culinary convenience ever invented. At the other end of the scale practicality dictates fewer high-end conveniences, Formica counters, stock cabinets and other necessities required to cook a basic meal. No matter what your plans for your log home kitchen, you will find some great resources listed below.

Log Home Gourmet Kitchen

Gourmet Kitchen from one of America’s Finest Log Home Estates

Installed or on wheels, kitchen islands take the cake!

There’s a lot of very good reasons why kitchen islands are so popular. In fact, you’d be hard put to find a new home being built today without a kitchen island. This staple of modern kitchen design functions as the anchor during the cooking and food preparation process. Typically, countertops run along the walls and wrap around corners of the room; appliances such as the dishwasher and range are built-in and surrounded by cabinets and drawers.

Kitchen Island on wheelsThe kitchen island acts as a bridge between the counters and appliances saving steps and adding convenience. Islands work because they can be accessed from all sides and will accommodate multiple cooks, or party guests.

Freestanding islands become the focal point of a kitchen and have the look of furniture rather than another appliance. The Log Home Directory prides itself as a premiere partner of, the kitchen island experts and you will not find a better selection anywhere!

The rule-of-thumb for adding a kitchen island is to have 3-foot zone around the island providing open floor space for traffic or seating around the island. One of the best things is their huge selection of sizes and styles. If you have a small kitchen, you can still get that island of your dreams and if its on wheels, you can always roll it out of the way.

Is a kitchen remodeling project in your future?

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