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The Art of Fire

Custom Metal Fireplaces

The Art of Fire

The Art Behind Custom Metal Fireplaces

Early humans began to use fire over 125,000 years ago, which allowed them to cook food and offer protection against the elements and predators. The aspect of fire has never changed, but how we use it and present it in our homes has evolved to an art form unto itself.

Welcome to “The Art of Fire”

Gary Rager has been a sculptor and  professional artist for over 35 years and has worked for some the most prestigious advertising agencies in the country as art director. His resume includes years of commercial sculpting, public art works and private commissions.

His work captures a moment in time where nature is unfettered by man’s interpretation. Nature needs no translation. Nature is always beautiful and perfect, just as it is.

“When creating one of my fireplace/sculptures I start with an interesting organic shape, something that “feels” good or “works”. Then I create another element, a rock, a limb, a series of smaller branches, something that compliments the previous shape. Then I continue through-out the entire work of art. The sculptures simply evolve.” ~ Gary Rager

Stunning detail, a living sculpture of fire, water and metal

These stunning metal sculptures are functional fireplaces that include a firebox, hearth, flue, and meet all necessary code requirements. See all the videos of other fireplace sculptures on the Art of Fire YouTube Channel.

Fireplace features:

  • The firebox is built within, it is part of the structure
  • You can burn wood, gas or propane
  • Designed to be both vented and ventless; flu attached where needed
  • Can be installed into an existing home but planning and reconstruction may be necessary
  • All water systems are contained, but you may what to install a “fixed”incoming water source
  • Water systems work by pump; simply turn the pump on or off
  • Gary will work closely with you to ensure all your questions are answered and that your installation is flawless

Detailed photos of all sculptures

“Every sculpture I create is a totally unique thought, never to be captured again, for I know I will never produce that exact feeling again.” ~ Gary Rager

The perfect log home focal point

We plan for years and when we finally build that home of our dreams, we want everything to be perfect. The fireplace is oftentimes the focal point of our log home and one of the few places we scrimp on expenses.  A custom fireplace sculpture from The Art of Fire can turn your home into a living museum.

Limited availability

These custom hand crafted metal fireplaces by The Art of Fire are available for a limited time exclusively from the Log Home Directory. These are one-of-a-kind sculptures and will not be reproduced; when they are sold – they’re gone forever. You have questions, and the handy form below will put you in touch with the sculptor.

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