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If you have been follow this blog for any length of time, you may have noticed that my postings these past couple of months have been less frequent than normal.  There is a very good reason for my sporadic additions and you may be pleased to learn why… especially if you own a business website of any kind.

Jerry Rouleau and Scott Stroud, founders of (a.k.a. Selling More Homes Media Network) will feature an interview with yours truly on August 30th.  What will we talk about?  We’ll talk about why I have been so busy these past few months.

Okay, you know me as the editor of the Log Home Directory and this blog, and you might know that I’ve built much of the log and rustic furniture we have in our log home.  What you don’t know is that I am also ‘closet marketing geek’.  There, the truth is out!

I’ve been in the Internet business since 1993 when I co-founded one of America’s first ISPs.  In fact, I also wrote one of the first Internet business books published by Macmillan called, “The Complete Small Business Internet Guide“.  I have consulted with companies ranging from Frito-Lay, The Texas Rangers MLB, TV and NFL personalities, log home companies and a host of small businesses from assorted industries.  Okay, so now you know my alter-ego… why have I been so busy of late?

New book for website owners!

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You’ve heard of Social Networking (using Facebook, Twitter and other such sites to drive visitors to your website), and if you’re like most people, this is just so much noise and technobabble… what should you do?  I have a recommendation and it begins with clicking on this link and watch a short video and read about my solution to your traffic drought.

My book can help you get more ‘targeted’ visitors to your website and help improve your rank in the search engines. If you want to sell more log homes (or any product) in 2011 and beyond, I invite you to take a few minutes and see what this is all about… Visit this page for details.

Oh yeah, don’t miss our interview on August 30th.  You can hear it on Selling More Homes Media Network.

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