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Log Splitters for Firewood

How do you split your firewood?

Readers of this blog might recall that we heat our log home with a wood stove. Over the years we’ve published numerous posts talking about all things related to using firewood to heat a home. A couple examples include:

Indoor firewood rack The ‘Art’ of stacking firewood

Heat from […]

Indoor Firewood Rack

Mission Style Indoor Firewood Rack

Many of you may recall a DIY project of mine, which I dubbed the “Ultimate Indoor Firewood Rack“. Although I built this a few years ago for our log home, I still get comments and questions from people. A couple people asked to buy one and one fellow asked to […]

Log Home Fall Project List

I mentioned the word ‘Fall’ to my bride yesterday and you’d have thought I brought up the name of an old girlfriend. She did NOT want to acknowledge that summer was slipping away or that fall was anywhere near approaching.

Well duh, “we just watched the Pittsburgh Steelers play football a few days ago… what […]

Log Burning?

Okay, here’s the mind picture… it’s fall and the leaves are beginning to turn, there’s a chill in the air, you’re sitting on your log home’s deck watching NFL football on a portable TV, there’s ice cold beer in the cooler and a cozy fire beside you. No, your deck isn’t on fire… you’re sitting […]

A Log Home’s Thermal Mass and a Woodstove

If you are planning to build a log home, I recommend that you resist the urge to include an open fireplace and consider a woodstove insert. […]