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Black Bear Visits Our Log Home Today

When you live in the country you share that space with other creatures and sometimes they can get downright inquisitive.  Our log home is relatively private and wildlife is everywhere, but we’ve had our share of uninvited visitors, from mountain lions to bears, coyotes and even wild turkeys.  Just a few hours ago a black bear cub strolls by my window as I’m sitting at my desk typing on my computer.  I had a ‘Flip Cam’ (you gotta get one of these) sitting beside me on my desk and this is what happened…

We’ve had bears stop by for a visit many times over the years, but this was the first one that actually came up to the house.  One of the things you learn about bears is that as cute as they might be, you don’t want them as a friend.  Once they get over their fear of humans, they can become quite aggressive and have even been known to enter homes through screened doors and windows. 

I wasn’t overly bothered by this cub, but knowing that a mama can keep her cubs with her for more than two years, I was wary that she might be playing hide-and-seek behind some trees.  The whole time I was outside filming this cub I was checking out the perimeter for a larger version.  Fortunately, mama never appeared.

In an earlier post I told you about the trouble we’ve had with bears in the past. From April until about November, we have to keep our trash bins behind an electric fence (see bear fence here).  We love seeing the wildlife, but we respect those critters that might see us as a meal.

2 comments to Black Bear Visits Our Log Home Today

  • Hi Tom,
    My wife and I want to visit your area and she would love to move out there. We live in North Carolina.
    Not everybody has such awesome surroundings, and you have a beautiful yard. Next time show your log home too.
    Take care,

  • Tom

    Hey Doug:

    You are correct about our “awesome surroundings”. My wife and I remind each other frequently about how blessed we are to be living in such a beautiful area. On our first visit to Montana, I remarked… “can you believe that people actually live here… all year round?” A few years later we made the move and we KNOW how special this place is.

    You need to pack your wife in the car and head West… you’re not getting any younger 🙂


    PS: If you ever make the trip let us know and we’ll have you over for an afternoon in God’s country!

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