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Basic is beautiful

Just this morning I received a new online submission from a company that wanted to be included in our Log & Rustic Furniture Directory. As I’ve mentioned a number of times in this blog, most of the people involved in our industry are too busy making a living to concern themselves with flashy, state-of-the-art websites- and I couldn’t agree more. We’re in a niche field, not the cutting-edge entertainment industry, of high finance! People do not visit our sites to be amused, they’re here for information because they want to buy your products.

When you’re talking websites, basic is beautiful… and more often than not it’s a pleasant break from the over abundance of “eye candy” that assaults us when visiting so many of today’s sites. In support of this I invite you to visit “TheLogMan” website (I received today). On this straightforward website you’ll see:

  • Pictures
  • Prices
  • Brochure
  • Product video
  • Contact Information
  • Ability to pay online

This is not a glitzy, overdone, in-your-face production, but a basic information site giving you everything you need to take the next step. In addition, Mr. Williams offers a message with the all important statement… Don’t see what you want, just ask…. We welcome ideas or requests to create that perfect piece “just for you.”

What else is there to say? TheLogMan‘s presentation and comments dovetails with our previous post about contacting such companies and requesting custom made pieces. Most are more than willing to design and build exactly what you are looking for.

If you are reading this blog as a “shopper”, looking for rustic furniture or log home information, you’ve found the right place. We list most of the companies and craftsman doing business in the USA and Canada – and showcase them in our Log & Rustic Furniture Directory and our Log Cabin Directory.

If you are a log crafter, rustic or twig furniture maker and are not in our database, go here and get listed today.

3 comments to Basic is beautiful

  • Melvin (AZ)

    What you say makes a whole lot of sense. Bravo! I am so tired of seeing blinking blinding – get my attention- crap online. There isn’t anything wrong with a picture, description, price and how to order it. Thanks for reminding everyone whats really important.

  • Jaspreet Singh

    I really like you article, I am also furniture manufacture and dealer in India

    Jaspreet singh

  • Anonymous

    It’s so good to read something about cabins that uses some basic common sense. If someone wants to build a log home Taj Mahal, they’re certainly welcome to do so. But I think most folks are looking for a more relaxing getaway with fewer bells and whistles.

    Keeping things basic is what we are all about at Wilderness Dream Cabins. We offer a wide range of cabin styles that we will build or customize on one of our riverfront home sites. It’s a true turn-key package.

    We’re located in Wagner, Wisconsin on the banks of the Menominee river that flows into Green Bay and Lake Michigan.

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