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Are you ‘connected’ to other log homers?

Do you socialize?

I would imagine that most of you reading this blog are not bleeding-edge Internet trendsetters, but you have no doubt heard about websites like MySpace or Facebook.  These (web 2.0) websites were developed for ‘Social Networking’ and believe it or not, there are around 350 other networking sites such as Bebo,,,, etc., etc.  The vast majority of these networking sites are topic-centric where one can connect with others having similar interests, hobbies, careers, political or religious beliefs – you get the idea.

The log home industry has not traditionally been on the leading edge of new technology or social revolution, but that is changing – and quite rapidly.  In the social arena we see the world now embracing ‘green building’ products and services, a trend that bodes well for our industry.  From a technological direction, our niche now has a number of new online ‘social networking’ sites geared to the log home industry.

Why bother?

In the true meaning of ‘business networking’, there are opportunities that present themselves as a result of… Bill who introduced you to Jill, or Fred who mentioned to Wilma that he knows a guy (you) who sells what Wilma is looking for.  Although this is now being performed online, it is still networking in its purest sense.  

Even if you are not an Internet devotee, there are many obvious and some not so obvious advantages to joining these groups.  From a business perspective they afford an opportunity to connect with others in the industry at all levels of the food chain.  Plus, these sites do not just attract industry insiders; you will be surprised to see how many “prospective buyers” that join because they want to learn more about our products and the companies that produce them. 

Although all of these social networking groups are relatively new, I am encouraged to see the participation from owners, sellers and prospective log home buyers.  Questions in the forums and blogs deal with everything from design to maintenance issues and every conceivable topic one can imagine. 

If you have not already done so, I would encourage you to stick your toe in the social networking pool and take the temperature.  You don’t have to swim in the deep end or hang out all day like a lifeguard, just stop by from time to time and see if another swimmer could benefit from your expertise – or you benefit from theirs.  (okay, enough with the metaphors). 

Why should YOU join?

If you are reading this blog – you are obviously interested in log homes – you should join.  If you are looking to buy a log home, there is not a better way of narrowing your search and learning the ins-and-outs than chatting with other log home owners, builders and sellers of log homes.  If you are in the commercial sector of this industry, networking with your competitors and meeting prospective buyers is an opportunity you should seize with both hands.  If you’re ready to get your feet wet (sorry, I promised didn’t I), here’s a few social networking sites I would recommend:


An online community for people who love log homes



One of the largest social networking sites online

Log Home Group on LinkedIn


A new log home group on the LinkedIn network


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PS:  When you join some of these groups (i.e. Facebook or LinkedIn) you may need to search for “log home” groups.  Once you sign up, be sure to add me as a “friend” – that way we’ll be in each other’s network.  See ya there…

3 comments to Are you ‘connected’ to other log homers?

  • Paul

    I feel like I’ve been living under a rock. I never knew these log home groups existed and I’ve been in this business for a long time. Thanks for the tip.

  • Great article! And thanks for the other links – I may check out facebook again. I love being connected to other “log homers.” Really getting a lot currently from the forum and looking to join other groups. You find such great information and it’s nice to connect w/ people who share your same passion for log homes. As I am now going into the log home representative business – I think it will be great for potential prospect contacts as well. thanks again, Shelley

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