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Are we on “Candid Camera”?

Am I the only one who thinks that life today has become so absurd that all this must be some kind of a joke?  A gallon of diesel still costs about $4.00, the Dow Jones average is down 300+ points and according to this morning’s Drudge Report

  • Hurricane hits Canada
  • Stocks Sink Worldwide…
  • Dems seek Wall Street tax…
  • Venezuela to build nuclear technology with Russia…
  • ‘Bet on Israel bombing Iran’…

 …and its only 8:00 AM.

On top of all this, Presidential Politics is a joke (IMHO), the U.S. Congress has a well-deserved single digit approval rating (everyone else’s Humble Opinion) and today they will vote to saddle you (us) with another trillion-dollars of debt.  This will be their solution to solving an economic crisis brought on by greed and dishonest criminals wearing white collars and thousand-dollar suits.  Oh and BTY, do you think any of these Washington crooks (Congress) bothered to consult with expert economists living outside the Beltway?  Nope!

A few years ago I wrote an article about why I love living in a log home and the opening sentence of that article read, “In case you haven’t noticed, “the world is going to hell in a handbasket” (read that article “The Norman Rockwell Effect” here).   Wow… and I thought things were screwed-up in 2005. 

So why am I trying to depress you this morning with all this gloomy news and commentary?  Actually, my intention is to do the opposite… to provide a different perspective.  Other than firing Congress during this upcoming election (a really good idea), you and I are basically powerless to have any meaningful effect on what’s happening outside of our individual lives.  All of our worry and handwringing over today’s financial headlines and the ineptitude of our broken political system will do nothing to improve our situation. 

If you are letting the Drudge Report or Katie Couric keep you from fulfilling that dream of building your log home, its time to accept a reality that most of us hide from ourselves unwittingly.  Drudge, Couric, Congress and even Obama and John don’t care about your dreams – or what concerns you might have.  The planets are not going to align in a favorable way and you are not going to win the Lottery.  If your dream is to live in a log home, now is a really great time to make that happen. 

Why build a log home now? 

Because just like the sage advice of Baron Nathan Rothschild in the early 19th century, “The time to buy is when blood is running in the streets.”   Obviously, I’m speaking figuratively here, but the meaning holds true.   Sales are soft for many log home manufacturers and builders have time on their hands for the first time in years.  There hasn’t been a better time to get aggressive pricing and commitments from log home companies in decades. 

If you have a log home dream, now is time to go live it.  Do you really want to wait for Congress or Homeland Security to tell us when it is safe to go back to tending our personal dreams and aspirations?  In that article I mentioned above, I summarized my feelings at the time by saying… “We inhabit a turbulent and chaotic planet, but I live in a log home with hand-made log and rustic furniture.  For that reason, all is right with my world“.

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