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Antler lighting anyone?

Meet “Lucky”

This beautiful buck adorns a wall in our family room. When did I shoot him, you ask? Actually, I didn’t – I bagged Lucky on eBay. Lucky and I have a lot in common, which I didn’t learn until after he arrived and I read the licensing information (that is required when shipping animal mounts across state lines). We were both born in Pennsylvania in the 50’s, but so far I’ve been luckier than Lucky.

Like many people who decorate with a rustic flair or live in a log home, a deer mount or moose, bear or other wild animal adds a special touch. Not everyone can appreciate a deer mount, but products made from antler sheds have never been more popular.

An antler chandelier is an impressive decorating accent. The one-of-a-kind look of antler lighting is an instant conversation starter with anyone who sees it. Everyone tries to figure out how the wires are hidden and the meshing of the different antler sections creates a unique visual puzzle.

People who don’t like the idea of a deer or elk mount hanging on their wall usually have no problem with antler products as virtually all such products are made with “sheds” or “faux antlers”. Sheds occur naturally as all antlered animals shed their antlers every year. The case for faux antlers is very compelling in that you basically cannot tell the difference from real ones and the lighting fixture is substantially lighter than one made with sheds. The added benefit of faux antlers is that the end product is much less expensive.

If you are looking for that special chandelier, wall sconce or even a floor lamp, you need to consider antler lighting. Few things say “rustic” like antler lighting. Two resources I suggest are:

PS: If you’re looking for a “Lucky” to hang on your wall, you might want to do your hunting on eBay!

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