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A West Virginia Log Home in China!

Log Home in Qingdao Shandong, China

Log Home in Qingdao Shandong, China

What does Qingdao Shandong in mainland China have in common with Dearborn, Michigan (and hundreds of other areas around the USA and Canada)?

A gentleman named Mr. Cui Yongli is building his log home in mainland China, which he bought from Appalachian Log Structures in Ripley, WV.  Mr. Cui is a member of the online community of (publisher of Log Home Living and Log Home Design magazines), and he has been uploading photos of his home as it is being constructed in China.  It is remarkable to watch this American made log home being stacked on the other side of the planet.

So, not only are log homes famous for offering the world the “original green building solution“, now this industry can boast that log homes are indeed bringing the people of the world together.  Maybe it is time we dismantled the United Nations and ask the Log Homes Council to take over. That works for me!

Oh and BTW… that log home activity in Dearborn, Michigan is Elk Country Log Homes, and you can follow their progress on their Log Cabin Michigan blog

If you want to see what’s happening in the log home industry in the rest of the USA and Canada, visit the Log Home Directory and start putting the floor plans together for your dream home. 

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  • Hi Tom – thank you for the shoutout!! I should mention our log home is located in Gaylord, Michigan (north of our downstate home) and hopefully one day my business address will be too – would love to be there full time! 🙂
    You have a great, informative site!

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