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A twig by any other name…

From time to time, I plan to feature some unique companies (or individuals) who just seem to have that special something about them or their creations. One such person is Paul Jurutka who founded Maine Rustics. Paul and I first talked last summer when he contacted me to say that he was developing a new website to showcase his creations. He was employed as a fine woodworker and cabinet maker when he discovered the allure of rustic twig furniture and traveled to the Adirondack Mountains of New York, where he studied the traditional style of rustic work that originated there.

Today Paul is a teacher of rustic trellis making and gives classes when he is not building fine pieces, which are for sale on his new website. I highly recommend you visit Paul’s site and be sure to tell him that Tom from the Log & Rustic Directory recommended him to you. Enjoy!

1 comment to A twig by any other name…

  • Amish Furniture

    Paul’s furniture looks really different and offers a feeling of being a part of nature. But are they long-lasting considering they are made of thin twigs? And are those chairs comfortable to sit in?

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