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A Log Home Winter Morning

We’re having an absolutely perfect Montana winter morning.  We awoke to 5″ of new snow this morning, the wood stove is keeping everyone toasty warm, I’m done with the plowing and just finished a breakfast of bacon, eggs, and hot coffee.  Now I’m sitting at my desk (writing this post) and looking out at a winter wonderland; it’s still snowing and the trees are covered and it looks just like a postcard.

I chuckle to myself when these perfect days come around.  This mind picture is exactly the kind of daydreaming I used to do when I was thinking about moving to Montana.  People tell me all the time that as they are planning their log home, these are the visions they hold in their mind.  They see themselves enjoying life while living in the home of their dreams.

If you are in the planning stages of your log home, I encourage you to keep your dreams alive.  Yeah, I know this lousy economy has made many people postpone their plans, but maybe it’s time to reassess things.  Obviously, if you are waiting for your present home to sell before you build a log home, there’s not much anyone can do to assist with that.

However, if you are delaying your project waiting for the market to rebound or until you’re reading more favorable headlines in the newspaper, or counting on divine inspiration… in the immortal words of Ferris Bueller, “Sometimes you just gotta say #$%@&” and move forward.

As I sit here gazing out my window I think back on all the ‘common sense’ reasons we discussed as to why this might not be the best idea for our family.  I could be earning 2-3 times more money if I lived in Dallas or Seattle and I wouldn’t be plowing my road if I lived in Pittsburgh, but I would be missing today’s experience.  I wouldn’t be enjoying this tranquil moment watching deer foraging in the fresh snow, the quiet of our forest or the satisfaction of knowing that we chose to live this lifestyle.

If you want advice from someone who has been in your shoes… listen to Ferris and start building your dream home.  Trust me, those numbskulls in Washington DC will still be trying to steal your money long after you’ve replaced that 30 year roof on your log home.  Go for it… you’re not getting any younger!

BTW… Start here! Choose your log home floor plan.  Get ideas from log home books, magazines and videos or start collecting log furniture and rustic furnishings.

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