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A log home, football and fall…

I have a daughter living in Texas and we chat on the phone as often as her ‘busy schedule’ permits.  Invariably, the subject of our local weather disparities is brought up and when I hear her talk about those three-digit temps, I cringe.  Here in Montana, we don’t see very many of those scorching days but when we do, our cool 50ish degree summer nights relieve the pain quickly. 

Yesterday we were chatting and I was telling her that fall is in the air and the Aspens were beginning to change; she joked that they don’t really hold fall in Texas. Fortunately for me, ‘they’ do hold fall in Big Sky Country and yours truly couldn’t be happier.  Toss in the start of football season (and the fact that my Pittsburgh Steelers are 2 + 0), brisk mornings to enjoy walking the pooch and shorter days… and I’m a happy man.

I was born in the fall, which means absolutely nothing, but I like to attribute my love for my favorite season to something.  My whole attitude changes with this season, but enough of this philosophizing, suffice it to say that experiencing fall in the mountains and living in a log home must be one definition of nirvana.  If the advertisers of log homes could capture this feeling in a two dimensional photo for their magazine ads, I think almost everyone would be living in a log home. 

Picture this… You and your spouse are snuggled together on a rustic-styl over-stuffed couch in a glorious great room framed by massive logs, a fire is dancing in the hearth, your wall of windows looks out over a mountain range of vivid fall colors, a football game is playing on your big screen TV (the Steelers, of course are winning), you are enjoying a cold beer and hot sausages. and your faithful dog lies at your feet.

THAT my friends, is why so many of us choose to live the way we do.  Welcome to fall!

PS:  The photo is from Glacier National Park here in NW Montana.

5 comments to A log home, football and fall…

  • Sounds like you are the poster child for the fall season. You paint a very good picture of some of the good things that happen after the long hot summers end. That is a good picture, I like the bent tree on the right up on the cliff.

  • Lynn

    Tom: My daughter also lives in Texas and we have the same discussions. Her friends are always amazed that my “city girl” daughter came home from the hospital after she was born to a log home and lived in one until her college dorm room. She still has to come home for her “log home fix” every 3 months or so but she keeps telling me that log homes can be built in Texas, also. Which, of course, they are. I differ from you on one thing, however. My favorite season is Spring when everything is coming to life. Even though I was born in the Fall also.

  • Tom

    “Poster child for fall”… okay, I’ll accept that title. I also agree with you about that unique tree, that’s what promted me to take this pic.

  • Tom

    Lynn, small world… my “city girl” TX daughter always says she has to get her “Montana fix”. Sounds like we may have raised these gals right 🙂

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