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A DIY firewood rack for us big kids

Once ignited, the fire of creativity is with us forever…

All I have to do is think about my old set of Lincoln Logs that I had as a kid and I can’t keep from smiling and feeling downright content about… about everything. Everything just seems right with the world for that special moment. I guess that’s how I must have felt as a young boy when I would play with my Lincoln Logs and my “little soldiers” for hours on end.

My Lincoln Logs and my ‘Erector Set’ were my all-time favorite toys, and the ones which I remember the most. I had no problem incorporating the two technologies and building my mechanized Wild West towns or whatever scenario I could dream up to occupy my time. I can’t tell you when my logs got packed away for the last time, but I am convinced that building those log cabins helped lay the groundwork for my future.

Maybe this is why so many of us grow-up with a desire buried somewhere deep inside to build that special log cabin and live in it – for real. Maybe those childhood experiences are a contributing factor behind the boom in the modern log home industry. Maybe that’s why I was driven to create the Log Cabin Directory and pull together every log home company in North America and “collect them” 🙂

Those questions will most likely remain unanswered, but I can assure you that the creativity those toys sparked in me ignited a life-long desire to build things and experiment with new ideas. That fire burns as brightly today as it did when I was a young boy building miniature log cabins in my bedroom. I’m a die-hard DIYer and as evidence of this, I invite you to read about my newest DIY adventure… I call it my “Ultimate Firewood Rack – Butler – Storage – Time Saver – Furniture – Thing(catchy name, huh?).

I actually talked about this project in this blog over a year ago, but as you already know… life has a way of getting in the way of our plans. The idea was hatched last year and it came to life last month in my workshop. I wanted a way to store enough firewood for my woodstove to last 2-3 days, but I wanted the firewood rack to look more like a piece of rustic furniture than a utility rack. I think I may have succeeded – you tell me! See The Ultimate Indoor Firewood Rack!

Oh and BTW, if you’re looking for the big kid’s version of the Lincoln Logs company, see their listing in our Log Home Directory here.

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