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2011 is the Year of the Log Home

I don’t think that my last post, “Is the Log Home Industry Growing?” and a “Google Alert” I received earlier today is purely a coincidence. I believe we’re seeing a very positive trend developing.  I closely monitor traffic activity to this blog and to my website, Log Home Directory, and I have Google Analytics send me email alerts when specified parameters are reached.

I was pleasantly surprised when I received an alert earlier that 1,000 unique visitors had visited the website today and it was barely mid afternoon.  That is a very positive trend in a niche as small as ours (and on a big football day too), and I like to think it supports my unscientific analysis that we are seeing heightened interest in the log home business.  When you couple this with Alexa’s report (a public web monitoring service) that our traffic is up 30% last month and a whopping 70% in the previous 3 months, I think you have got to accept my Rube Goldberg conclusion.

In other words, more people are getting serious about building their log home or cabin and I think 2011 will be the year that our industry niche begins to recover. As you know, the real estate and housing market in general have been in the tank for almost four years now.  Some experts predict that it might be years before we see the housing market recover.

However, the log home business doesn’t always track the larger housing industry as our products are more specialized and appeal to a select group of discriminating buyers. Hey, not everybody wants to live in a log cabin, right?  Those who choose the log home lifestyle often have fewer income restrictions than the typical home buyer.  To be sure, this recession and housing bubble put decisions on hold and made everyone pause and reevaluate investments and big purchases.

My point is that I believe we are seeing renewed interest in log home building and people are accepting that yes, the economy may still suck, but they can’t put their life or their dreams on hold indefinitely.  Building a log home is something that people plan for years…sometimes decades. The recession of the last four years is old news, and the trends I’m seeing tell me that people are moving ahead with their dreams.

It’s a brand new year.  According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2011 is the year of the rabbit. I figure that some Chinese fellow who made this call a few thousand years ago didn’t have all the data he needed to make this forecast.  Based on my information and the trends I’m seeing of late, I am overriding that Chinese sage and declaring that…

2011 is the Year of the Log Home

Let’s make 2011 a year to remember in the log home industry. Like all projects, you need to begin with a plan and you can find more than 100 of the most popular log home floor plans here.  And, just about any other information you need about building a log home or log cabin is waiting to be discovered in the Log Cabin Directory. From our family to yours…

2011 is the Year of the Log HomeHappy New Year everyone!

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