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In a post last week, I mentioned that Log Home Living (magazine) had launched a new online community for log home enthusiasts.  In the short time since that post, this thing has really taken off and in a great way… I believe its membership has doubled in size in one short week!

What makes this community so interesting is that it is being created by ordinary people.  This isn’t an agenda-driven site (like most company websites), the blog posts, pictures, comments and topics are being produced by real people.  A few examples of blog posts from different contributors include: 

To do list for the Log Home
Now that construction is completed – it seems like me and the hubby’s tasks has just begun…

So ya want to be a log home owner
OK, you’ve been bitten. You stumbled across a couple of photos in a home magazine or you went to visit a friend in the country who owns a vacation log home or something like that, and it happened…

To loft or not to loft, that is the question
I dreamed of, and included a small loft in my log home. All the articles I have read on the subject state that the cost is minimal, but…

It’s a numbers game
I’ve developed a construction budget for myself. Granted it doesn’t apply to everyone and God knows i’ve probably left out a dozen items but…

These few topics above are just from their front page!  If you own a log home, are thinking of building one, or just like dreaming about… someday — you owe it to yourself to check this out.  I started out ‘lurking’ for a few days and have since contributed a number of comments and I even started a “DIY Group” (I’m not sure where that will lead). 

Click here to visit the new Log Home Online Community!

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  • I think you nailed it on the head when you mentioned that it’s the people who are running the show at the site. (And “neighbors” like you, Tom, really make the community stronger and wiser).

    We wanted a place that was all about unfiltered (except in those icky situations) conversation – between whoever wanted to share their experiences with log homes, from whatever angle they’ve approached the industry.

    Until next time! Enjoy your summer – any snow recently?

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