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10 Best Places to Build in America

Hollywood tabloids are famous for their ‘Top _____ lists’ such as the “sexiest men” or the “most beautiful women” in America, etc. We’ve all seen these rankings and we might agree or argue how Ms. X made the cut on such a list. Beauty after all, is in the eye of the beholder, and this remains true for our individual appreciation of where we live or choose to live in the future.

Log Home Living’s website just posted their ‘list’ of the “The 10 Best Places to Build in America”. How they ever narrowed it down to only 10 areas is beyond me, I could recommend 10 places just in NW Montana, let alone the entire United States. And just like those tabloid’s lists, this one should meet with rave reviews and irate readers screaming, “Hey, what about _________ (fill in the blank)?”

Their list includes areas from Arizona to Washington, but they didn’t try to rank places in any particular order. What say you? What makes one place better to live (build your log home) than another? Is it purely aesthetics or must other factors be included? I would submit that if it was simply aesthetics determining where one chose to build, then Alaska would be a whole lot more crowded.

Other factors including everything from accessibility to basics like health care and shopping have to play a part. I mean seriously, if it took two days by dog sled to buy provisions, then the ‘call of the wild’ and pristine natural beauty loses some of their appeal. Permit me to add the first rebuttal to Log Home Living’s selections and why

In our situation, we live ‘out’ – about 12 miles from town. We’re close enough to drive to town for dinner and a movie, but far enough out to be insulated from the traffic and crowds (with the possible exception of hunting season). We are fortunate to have those majestic mountain views you see in many Log Home Magazines and an abundance of lakes and scenic rivers here in NW Montana. However, there are many other not-so-obvious benefits to living here.

Due to our climate, we don’t have termites, no poisonous snakes, or even fleas to bother our dogs and cats. We have four beautiful seasons that overall are not extreme due to the mountain effect surrounding our valley. Winters are similar to what one would expect in Western Pennsylvania, and our summers are amazingly pleasant. Although we can get a few 100 degree days, the nights always fall back into the 50’s, thus most homes don’t even have central air-conditioning.

So America, what constitutes the best place to build/live to you? Why would you nominate your area as one of the best places to build? I’d love to hear your thoughts and especially why your place should be included in a Top 10. Hey, maybe we need to start our own list, but I’ll be the first to admit we might have to expand that Top 10 list to places in each state. Anyone care to nominate your ‘best place’?

6 comments to 10 Best Places to Build in America

  • Anonymous

    Upstate NY. Nothing better!!! –WIllie J

  • Thomas

    They got it wrong, Florida is the best weather in the country with 365 days to play outdoors. Central FL, horse country – you can’t do better.

  • Shellmo

    Hi Montana Tom,
    I will nominate Gaylord, Michigan! Of course I’m a little partial because we just finished building our log cabin there. But the reason we chose it was for the abundance of beautiful quiet lakes but also it offered the outdoor enthusiast many activities.

  • Anonymous

    just as you mentioned, i’m from here so i’m biased, but i plan to build our log home here next year. we own a piece of ptoperty here in central idaho, north of mountain home, id. it is beautiful here, great weather, but warmish in the summer and we are close to town and all that we need. my pick for top 10 is anywhere in idaho.

  • Anonymous

    Neat idea. We moved from Ohio to Wisconsin when we retired to build our log home. We bought a beautiful lot on a lake that is only 6 miles from town. We love northern WI and all that it offers. Our second choice was the upper penninsula of Michigan, but things just came together better in Wisconsin.

    As you said, linmiting this list to just 10 places is impossible, they didn’t even pick anywhere in WI and I could recommend 10 places here myself.

  • Anonymous

    Hello? Tennessee? There is a reason so many log home companies are based here, this is log home heaven. I think the author must have run short on time or money to omit TN, I mean really?????

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